Aman.vas CSR - giving back

Aman.vas CSR - giving back

When we thought of a name for our yoga clothes company, we wanted to have a name which incorporates the principles and the mission that we follow.

The name, Aman.vas, incorporates our philosophy, meaning: peace, tranquility, quiet and ease, loving, living, wearing and dwelling, in the ancient language Sanskrit.

Even before we designed our first yoga outfits it was very clear, that we want to do good for the people who are involved and to have the least impact on the environment.

We can call ourselves very lucky to have found a garment manufacturer in Bali, who works on the same principles as we do. The fabrics that are used are made from recycled PET bottles or recycled fishing nets, local bamboo and eco-friendly dyes. Their team members are paid double the legal wage and hold a family medical insurance. Besides the team members working in the company's own production area, families and communities from rural areas come to pick up garments to be sewn at home. This allows them an additional income to their farming jobs.

And then there is Ari, who is one of the outstanding members of our garment manufacturer. She will pick up every Bali street dog, take him to the vet, give medicine, bathe, care and love them until they find new foster parents. Many  times the garment manufacturer keeps the doggies overnight. On the photo you see Ari, holding Marion, with some of her work mates taking the doggie for a walk in the rice-fields.

Our garment manufacturer in Bali does his own contribution of 'giving back'. A part from his profits go to the Kalimantan rainforest project.

We have selected these organisations, who will receive part of the sale of every item in our shop.

The biggest success of Aman.vas will be to see how much help we have been able to give, with your precious contribution.

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