Aman.vas and the fashion revolution #imadeyourclothes

Aman.vas and the fashion revolution #imadeyourclothes
It is Aman.vas' philosophy to not harm the earth any further, and with the production of our yoga wear, we want to contribute to the betterment for as many people as possible.

Our garment manufacturer in Bali is a fantastic partner for this mission! The first time we met, we only saw a handful of people cutting and sewing garments in their factory, whilst we were surprised remembering all the brands they produce for. We have been told that a large part of the sewing work is given to families in the rural villages, this is really amazing and made us so happy! We can actually put a face and a name to the people who make our yoga clothes, and they directly benefit.

When you receive your Aman.vas yoga outfit, you may notice the scent of burnt wood. Then you can be sure that they have been cut and sewn next to a fireplace, on which a pot of rice has been cooked, somewhere on the fringe of a ricefield in beautiful Bali.

On the photo you see Yudana and his wife from Singaraja.

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