Beyond Yoga - Restore yourself

Beyond Yoga - Restore yourself

How was your summer 2020, did you feel very restricted by the pandemic?

The more you should restore and nourish yourself this autumn, before icy winter is on your doorstep. 

You may find this funny, I am writing this blog from my terrace in the jungle of Rumassala in Sri Lanka, where I spend my nomad life at the moment.

Nomad life in digital times

As you know, I am German, and I so very well remember how the final days of summer always used to bring out the blues in me. Knowing that we are already ending September, my mind often wanders back to Europe. I picture cosy evenings with a blanket, a glass of Italian red wine, scented candles and an interesting book.

We are in the rainy season here in Sri Lanka, which is our sort of autumn, even though the temperature never goes below 27 degrees. So whilst I am thinking how you should restore and nourish yourself, I shall actually think the same for myself, being down with a flue. Perhaps this is where my idea for this blog came from.

Whilst I am sitting with the fan on to keep the myriads mosquitos at bay, I will day dream, what a cosy autumn day should be in Europe.

This is my favourite:

I will wear an oversized warm sweater, ohh yes and now is the time to finally get the Aman.vas snugly Jaipur leggings made from Balinese bamboo and produced in Bali, ethically, for sure.

Sustainable Yoga leggings Jaipur made from bamboo

A Yin yoga class is what feels so right now. Are you hesitant to go out to your yoga studio? Meet my amazing online yoga teacher Cat Meffan in her Yin yoga class. Many of her classes are for free, like this one is, but you can also subscribe to her classes, which are longer than 40 minutes.

Coming back from your mat a warm bath is waiting for you with candles, classical music and a glass of red wine, add chocolate too! 

After you are totally soaked and warmed up, cuddle up in your most comfy pyjamas and go to sleep early. Listen to a meditation that brings you deeply into your relaxed sleep with Balance meditation. I do meditate with Balance since more than a month now and I can really feel how it does me good, keeping anxiety and over worrying at bay.

Or you may like to listen to a bit of my nomad life in this podcast. The interview happened with each of us being in a different location, which makes the podcast quite interesting. It is in German language btw.

This would be my favourite autumn restore and nourish day. I used to pamper myself like this when I lived in Venice, enjoying a bathroom with a view to the ancient church Chiesa dei Greci....

Memories are coming back, whilst in reality the monkeys here are jumping in the trees and a peacock flounces in the garden. 


Nomad life in digital times



Nomad life in digital times

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and select one day to really make it your day!

Stay healthy and safe this autumn.

Drop me a note if you enjoy reading about my nomad and soulsearcher life. I lived through many adventures and my journey is only half way completed.

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The recommendations in this blog are entirely personal, I do not gain any financial benefits from it.

Thank you for the beautiful bathtub image.

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