Fair and ethical the Aman.vas Zero Waste Movement

Fair and ethical the Aman.vas Zero Waste Movement

We have put a lot of thought into how our yoga clothes should feel. Having a long standing yoga practice ourselves, we know how a squeezing rubberband, or falling down yoga pants with an itchy care label, can distract you.

So first of all, we spent a lot of time sourcing the correct fabric. When we came across fabric made from recycled PET bottles, we wondered how this fabric would feel for yoga outfits, and we were so amazed! The fabric is super soft and comes with all the qualities one would expect from high quality yoga outfits. It has 4 way stretch, UV protection (for all you outdoor Yogis), second skin comfort and is breathable.

Aman.vas sustainable yoga outfits made from recycled PET bottles

We reduced the crazy plastic pollution by 15 PET bottles to make 1 T-shirt and 20 PET bottles to make 1 legging. This is definitely a step in the right direction of sustainable yoga outfit production.

To pack our yoga outfits, we did not want to use a plastic bag and looked for something that meets both the logistic process and is also sustainable. We found a fabric that is produced from industrial waste, put a beautiful print on it and wrapped your yoga fashion in it. Happy unwrapping!

You can re-use this wrapping and we are excited to see what you will use it for! The coolest ideas will get featured on our website. Subscribe to our newsletter and send us your pics on say_hi@amanvas.com .

We are already excited, as we will use recycled fishing nets, also called ghost gear, which is a threat to our oceans and all marine life, for our next yoga outfit collection.

Keep watching us!

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