Recycled PET bottles for Yoga Outfits

Recycled PET bottles for Yoga Outfits

Message in a Bottle.

35 bottles to be exact!

Single-use plastics are undeniably one of the greatest crimes against our planet's natural beauty. An estimated 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans each year, while an additional 26 tons find their way into landfills. Since the genesis of the mass plastic production in the 1950s, over 75% of the 8.3 billion tons created have been left in landfills or unprotected ecosystems. While these numbers can feel daunting, we can all do our part to reduce waste and protect our land and sea; even a small effort to recycle is a step in the right direction.

Creativity has come to the forefront of the recycling movement with the fashion industry leading the charge. From designer dresses to sub-zero snow gear, the range of products currently produced from this nearly-indestructible waste is impressive, to say the least. PET bottles are the most common type of recycled plastic. To be reused, the bottles are sorted, cleaned, and stripped of labels and caps, melted down into little pellets, and then spun into yarn to make garments.

This very yarn is the main ingredient in our Mysore yoga outfit!  Our first PET-fabric creation, this top and legging combo is a super-soft, super-comfortable, and vibrant design dedicated to the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga and Lord Ganesh (the remover of obstacles). It brings us great joy to know that with each outfit, 35 plastic bottles are reclaimed from the Earth, and in their place, a beautiful new yoga outfit is born! 

Once we discovered the possibilities of recycled fashion, it became clear that that this was a perfect opportunity to bring Aman.vas' message to life. Our brand is intimately connected to islands and the ocean, with close ties to Bali, Sri Lanka,  Seychelles, and the waterways of Venice; sourcing these PET fabrics for our new designs was a no-brainer. Like the many stories associated with Lord Ganesh, we hope the Mysore outfit can be a force for good as we do our part to remove these harmful plastics (obstacles) from our invaluable ecosystems. 

As with all things, a little goes a long way; we feel fortunate to provide a platform that allows people like you to contribute to our planet's wellbeing. We can't wait to expand our line of PET-fabric yoga apparel in the future! Keep an eye out for our upcoming collections and product offerings as we continue on our journey to holistic yoga fashion.

Lots of love!

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