Yoga accessories - Barefoot Sandals

Yoga accessories - Barefoot Sandals
Hello beautiful people! We are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our Aman.vas family, the lovely and talented Prasangika. Along with creating vibrant and environmentally-conscious yoga fashion, we are continuously looking for new ways to support and empower our local communities. While creating our new Barefoot Sandals, we discovered Prasangika by the recommendation of a local tuk-tuk driver (Sri Lanka’s serendipity never ceases to amaze) and traveled to her home near the Galle Fort to potentially strike a production partnership. Prasangika’s professionalism and attention-to-detail were immediately apparent and we knew a successful relationship was there for the making.
We soon hit the town in search of organic cotton, a handloom, and dye. When the dye proved hard to come by, Prasangika took it upon herself to research the method and learn the natural dyeing process we now employ for all of our Barefoot Sandals. Utilizing the pigments of locally-sourced beetroot, coffee, tea, and turmeric, our zero-impact dyeing process helps to keep our waterways clean of synthetic blends often used in the fashion industry.
The creation of every Barefoot Sandal is a labour of love. A single-mother, Prasangika dedicates her evenings to weaving after her children (Thimuth, 16, and Senudi, 7) are sound asleep. To ensure the highest quality, the dyeing process must be performed on only the sunniest of days, when the materials can be exposed to enough light and heat to properly dry.
It is with immense pleasure that we have been able to create not only a beautiful new yoga accessory but also a micro-business for Prasangika, the profits of which will be put toward Thimuth’s secondary education–he aspires to become a software engineer! It’s this type of collaboration and community-building that Aman.vas was founded upon, and we sincerely hope you continue to support us and Prasangika in the future! Together we can make this world a better place.
Lots of love!
-The Aman.vas Family

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