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Foam roller self massage back pain fascia roller
Foam roller self massage back pain fascia roller
Foam roller self massage back pain fascia roller
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Fascia roller for self massage

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Why is fascia rolling important?

Fascia is a layer of very tight connective tissue that surrounds your body like a second skin with numerous internal cross-links. The connective tissue layer surrounds your organs, muscles and bones like a protective film. They keep all organs in their correct position, give the musculature basic shape and stability and last but not least ensure optimal mobility. Even if the fasciae are only very thin, they have an enormous influence on your body.

Lack of activity cements the once supple fibers into place and chronic stress causes these fibers to thicken in an attempt to protect the underlying muscle. Poor posture and lack of flexibility and repetitive movements pull the fascia into ingrained patterns.

Self massage your tight fasciae with foam rolling. Self myofascial release – or SMR keeps the fasciae healthy, reduces pain, muscle tightness, releases knots/trigger points, improves movement, flexibility, improves muscle function and can reduce cellulite. This goes hand in hand with a better feeling of well-being.

With fascia rolling you enhance circulation by breaking up the tight areas where blood flow may have become restricted and has caused soreness and inflammation.

The perfect fascia roller, which can be included in your yoga exercises:

The Sapura fascia roller is an effective tool against glued fasciae and inflexible fasciae tissue. Our fasciae tissue responds very well to mechanical stimuli. The goal of fasciae training is to loosen and strengthen the fasciae. Fasciae training can be ideally integrated into yoga. By applying light pressure, ligaments are stretched and the deep lying connective tissue is stimulated and loosened.

Rolling over bones and the vertebrae is not only painful, but also prevents from optimally reaching the glued fasciae. Our Sapura foam rollers with a recess in the middle, have been specially developed for loosening adhesions on the back. The recess completely absorbs the extensions of the vertebrae and thus protects them from pressure. At the same time, the longitudinally striped structure can access the particularly hardened areas of the fasciae directly next to the spine, with optimum pressure. Also for other body areas such as the arms or legs a massage roller with a central recess is best suited.

The fascia roller HEAL impresses with its special shape. The recess in the middle section of the roll relieves the spine and adapts optimally to your back. It is very load stable and allows a deep tissue massage due to its unique structure. Physiotherapists and fasciae trainers also rely on the ergonomic shape of this fasciae roller. The team of the DRK pain centre in Mainz, Germany, as well as the therapists of the fasciae training concept already use this roller.