Corporate social responsibility - Giving Back

Corporate social responsibility - Giving Back

From the ancient Sanskrit language, Aman.vas translates as peace, tranquility, quiet and ease, loving, living, wearing, and dwelling. These are values that we feel embody the principles and mission by which we live.


Since the very beginning, it has been our objective to operate with benevolence and compassion; striving to generate positive opportunities for the people we employ while leaving a minimal footprint on the environment.


We consider ourselves lucky to have found a garment manufacturer in Bali aligned with our ecological and humanitarian philosophies. Their entire staff is paid double the legal wage and provided family medical insurance. Alongside the team members working in the company's own production area, families and communities from rural areas come to pick up garments to be sewn at home, allowing them to supplement their farming jobs.


We want to give an extra-special shoutout to Ari, one of the outstanding members of our garment manufacturer. She is pictured taking Marion for a walk through the rice-fields with some of her workmates. Ari has a huge heart and does everything she can do help Bali's street dogs, taking them to the vet, administering medicines, bathing, caring, and loving them until they find new foster parents. Many times our garment manufacturer will keep the dogs overnight until they can be sheltered.


At Aman.vas, we judge our success by how much we can help those in need. We have selected these organizations to receive a portion of each and every sale from our shop. With your contribution, you can help us make a big difference!

World Vision International

Kiva, A Way Out of Poverty

Olive Ridley Project

The Rainforest Trust

DKMS – We Delete Blood Cancer

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