Ethical production - we know the names of our artisans

Ethical production - we know the names of our artisans

At Aman.vas, we do our best every day to help heal the Earth and all who inhabit it. With the production of our yoga apparel, we want to contribute to the betterment of our planet and the people with whom we share it.

Our eco-friendly garment manufacturer in Bali is the perfect partner for this mission! The first time we toured the facility, we only saw a handful of employees cutting and sewing garments in their factory. How was a tram so small able to fulfil the orders for so many different brands? We later discovered that a large part of the sewing work is given to families in rural villages, providing opportunities for them to supplement their farming income. We knew there and then this was a match made in heaven. Putting a face and a name to the people who create our yoga clothes symbolizes the type of connection we aspire to cultivate.

When you receive your Aman.vas yoga outfit, you may notice the scent of burnt wood. Cut and sewn next to a fireplace on the fringes of a ricefield in beautiful Bali, we are proud that our outfits can bring us a bit closer together.

Pictured above is Yudana and his wife, two of our hard workers from Singaraja!

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