The Story of Aman.vas

As a child I loved laying in our garden, gazing into the sky, following the aeroplanes with my eyes, ever wondering where they may be going. My desire for exotic countries began there, with those planes, in that sky. However, being the oldest of four in a middle-class family in Germany, my dreams seemed rather out of reach. Years later, after a holiday to the Seychelles with my then husband–a sculptor–and our two young children, those childhood dreams would finally manifest.


Together we began our adventure, selling off our belongings and leaving Germany for good. I had taken control of my life, discovering the freedom to explore the islands, cultures, and lifestyles for which I had always yearned. My children and I spent 15 years in the Seychelles, Bali, and Sri Lanka– wonderful times filled with fabulous stories, exciting experiences and beautiful encounters–the life I had envisioned as a child all those years ago.


I now live in Venice, Italy. My children are grown; my daughter returned to Germany and my son has made Sri Lanka his home. Upon returning to Europe, I knew that it was time to channel my experiences abroad into something for the benefit of others. The culmination of the travels that redefined me, and the extraordinary human beings I have shared my life with, Aman.vas is pure passion realized.


How We Live

Ultimately, we recognize that it is yoga that permeates and directs these core values. Guided by our years of experience on the mat, we know first-hand what a Yogini needs to stay in the flow. Uncomfortable clothing can be a distraction, directing your attention outside and away from your intention within. That’s why we've poured our energy into choosing the best fabrics, stitching, and styles to elevate your practice.

With tremendous gratitude to all that brought it into being, Aman.vas exists through the following tenets:

- Let it be joy and passion that drives us

- Be humble and kind to all that you meet

- Protect and serve our Mother Earth

- and above all, Give back

How We Give

We proudly present to you our heart-crafted, ethically-manufactured yoga collection. With every purchase from our store, you directly connect with the rural families in Bali who stitch and sew our apparel. By producing one set of Mysore Yoga Top and Leggings we use 35 recycled PET bottles, reducing plastic waste from Bali’s landfills.

We appreciate that we are more privileged than most people in this world. With this clarity, we contribute to a charity organization with every sale, selected for their respective missions to enrich the poor, rehabilitate animals, protect the environment, and eradicate cancer:

World Vision International

Kiva, A Way Out of Poverty

Olive Ridley Project

DKMS – We Delete Blood Cancer


We're so glad you are here, be part of our journey!