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Yoga meditation cushion
Yoga meditation cushion buckwheat filling
Yoga meditation cushion blue
Yoga meditation cushion green
Yoga meditation cushion
Yoga meditation cushion
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Yoga Meditation Cushion by Sapura

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What are the advantages of a

yoga Meditation cushion?

Sapura yoga meditation cushions allow you to sit slightly higher, which makes meditating much more comfortable. This is why experienced Yogis love using meditation cushions of different sizes.

Especially during longer meditation phases, the cushions show their advantages by preventing distractions from falling asleep, for example. If you use a meditation cushion, you not only activate blood circulation in your legs but also prevent muscle spasms and protect your joints. Compared to meditating on the bare yoga mat made of cork and natural rubber, the half-moon yoga cushion relieves your intervertebral discs and promotes the natural double-S shape of your spine. This allows the breath to flow more easily, which opens the way to perfect harmony.

The semicircular meditation cushion offers an ideal and comfortable seat for all yoga exercises. It is your ideal companion for any meditation, yoga or Pilates.
Unique design thanks to a removable roller (which can also be used as a back or neck support).

High quality: 100% buckwheat filling

Cushions: 80% cotton and 20% polyester

Machine washable cover and separate inner cushion.